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Open Fire Gold 1.2

Open Fire Gold is a multi-platform arcade battle-tank game
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Open Fire Gold is a multi-platform arcade battle-tank game.
This arcade game is available for Windows (XP and Vista) and Mac OS platforms. Also it is available to play on Facebook and Mac Widget for Mac devices (iPod & iPhone). It is easy to install the program and no additional programs or configurations are needed.

This shooting game allows to shoot rockets and destroy enemy tanks. There are two game modes: Open Fire Classic and Stop the Hun’s. The goal of the first one is to destroy all the tanks that are moving in all directions, and reach the highest score in 110 seconds! So the player needs to shoot the tanks quickly.

The goal of the second one is to get the highest score firing rockets and preventing the tanks from passing over the dunes of the desert. In this mode there are some extra items to collect that give extra rocket power. There is no time limit.

Its GUI is easy and friendly to use. It offers nice graphics and menus to change game options: just the basic ones, like graphics, language and audio. There is no documentation with the program but there are some blogs and information about the game on its website. There is also the chance to publish the scores in Twitter and Facebook if you pay for the standalone version.

Ricardo Zayola
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  • It’s a great battle arcade game
  • It allows sharing scores trough Facebook and Twitter
  • It provides nice performance


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